Massive Commercial Demolitions Fails And Lessons

The commercial demolition industry in the US is projected to grow steadily from 2016 as the housing market recovers and construction activity increases. While it can be a lucrative business, one mistake could cost you years of efforts. Here are some of the biggest demolitions fails and lessons you can learn from them. Springfield Power Station In November 2010, spectators watched and fled in horror as a 300ft power station chimney in Springfield Power Station fell the wrong way in a demolition gone wrong.

3 Tips for Having a New Commercial Building Built

Investing in a commercial building for your enterprise is one of the most important uses of your capital that you can make. However, it is also one of the most complicated and time-consuming projects that an enterprise can undertake. Before you commit a sizable portion of your company's capital to this work, you should utilize a few steps to ensure that you get the perfect building for your needs. Have a Soil & Drainage Analysis Performed on the Construction Site