Dust Control Processes Used During Your Kitchen Renovation

Sanding drywall and replacing flooring materials can stir up a lot of dust during a kitchen renovation process. Your general contractor will outline some ways that they will keep dust under control while your kitchen project is underway.

Temporary Storage

Planning the kitchen renovation project is the preliminary step that your contractor will handle. They will inspect the structure and layout of the kitchen. They will consider what items will be remaining in the kitchen space.

If there are any appliances, furnishings, or other items that will not be upgraded during the renovation process, they will prepare plans to move these household goods to a room or area where they can be temporarily stored. Moving appliances and other bulky items will prevent them from getting dusty while the kitchen renovation steps are being executed.

Dust Covers

Plastic sheeting and canvas can be used to cover exposed surfaces. Your contractor will first determine which entry point will be used when moving materials into your home. They will pick a door that will provide a direct path to the kitchen. Then, they will determine which surfaces are vulnerable to dust accumulation.

Your general contractor may use zippered doorway coverings to close off access to adjoining rooms. These types of coverings are constructed of plastic. A zipper will be secured along the middle of a covering. This type of covering will allow access to other rooms while the kitchen renovation project is not actively taking place.

While the renovations are being conducted, however, the construction team will ensure that each door covering remains closed. Materials may also be used to protect hallways and other floor surfaces within your home.

Additional Measures

Kitchen remodeling contractors typically clean up work areas at the end of each work day. Because a renovation project will involve installing new materials, it is imperative that surfaces are cleaned before materials are installed. A general contractor will use a vacuum, brooms, and other cleaning equipment to keep dust at a minimum.

Your contractor may also use an outdoor area to prepare materials for installation. If there is going to be new wood installed in your kitchen, for instance, the remodeling contractor may set up an outdoor area where wood can be cut and sanded.

Completing these preliminary steps outdoors will limit the amount of dust that enters your home. Once the kitchen renovations are complete, your contractor and their construction crew will tidy up the area where the renovations were performed.