What To Do If You Notice Damage To The Siding On Your Home

Homes use a variety of siding materials, and while most are durable, damage is possible in many different ways. Often siding damage is related to storms and weather, UV rays, or an impact on the material. Most general contractors and builders can handle siding repairs for you, but if you have a special siding material, you may need a siding contractor to handle the job. 

Wood Siding 

The most common damage to the wood siding on your home is related to weather and wear. Over time, the paint can peel, and water can get in and damage the wood. Rot can start inside the siding, and by the time you see it, the boards affected will need replacement.

Siding repair on wood-sided homes is not overly challenging, but it often does require the contractor to match the siding style. If the siding is an older design, that can be hard to do, but some companies can reproduce the siding with a sample of what is on the house. 

Custom-made siding is more expensive than styles available at the lumber yard, but if you want to retain the classic look of the home, you may not have another option. Often changing the siding on the entire house with a new product is possible but can be prohibitively expensive if you only have minor damage to the home. 

Vinyl Siding

Newer homes often use vinyl siding, and while it will not rot, damage can occur if there is an impact on the siding when it is extremely cold. Vinyl siding can also melt if there is a fire near the home, and in some situations, the sun reflecting off the windows in your home can direct heat on an area of the siding and cause it to warp or melt.

Replacing vinyl siding is sometimes easier than other materials, and your contractor can pull the damaged parts loose, so siding repair is limited to the damaged area. The contractor will pull off the damaged siding, cut replacement sections, install them under the undamaged panels, and secure them. The repair does not require painting, and if the siding is still available, it can take less than a day to remove and repair the damage, restoring the look of the home and ensuring it is watertight. 

There are other siding products that you may have, including wood shingles, cement tiles, and aluminum siding, that are all durable but can suffer damage over time. If you are not sure the damage to your siding is fixable, you may want to consult a siding repair contractor and have them inspect the siding to determine the best way to deal with it.  

Contact a local siding repair service to learn more.