3 Remodeling Projects To Increase Your Bathroom's Warmth

Feeling comfortable in your house is something you may like to prioritize. However, you might notice that you often feel colder in the bathroom compared to other rooms. This may tempt you to turn on the heater or increase the temperature on the thermostat. But opting for this solution would also affect other rooms throughout your home, which you may want to avoid.

An excellent plan is to remodel your bathroom with warmth in mind. Working on several projects that make a noticeable difference will give you a desirable outcome.

Heated Floors

An easy and effective solution to improve warmth is adding heated floors. This feature will bring your family warmth and comfort as soon as they enter the bathroom. A major benefit of heated floors is that the flooring is often one of the coldest parts. While tile is particularly cool to the touch, you may also know that hardwood, laminate, and vinyl run on the cool side.

Heated flooring will give you the confidence to step into the bathroom without socks or shoes. Also, you must remove everything from your feet to take a bath or shower. So, you will appreciate stepping out of either one knowing that you will still feel warm and comfortable.


Another way to boost warmth is by working on the windows. An excellent strategy is replacing existing windows with double-paned ones with thick glass panes. These qualities will improve insulation, which will do a better job of keeping warmth inside the room.

At the same time, you can install new windows to bring sunlight and warm outside air inside. Direct and indirect sunlight will provide warmth throughout the year. Also, you can open the windows up to allow the warm and fresh air inside during summertime.


While windows provide excellent lighting around sunrise or sundown, you will find skylights do an incredible job of illuminating rooms around midday. Adding skylights to a bathroom will give you direct sunlight exposure when windows only give indirect lighting.

Direct exposure can make a noticeable temperature difference. A smart move is to add skylights over the features you use, such as the bathtub, shower, toilet, and vanity. This strategy will allow you to feel the warmth directly when using any of these features.

When you are determined to increase warmth throughout your bathroom, you can work on some or all these projects for a positive outcome and guaranteed results.

For more ideas and information about bathroom remodeling, contact a local contractor.