Handy Person Services: 4 Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Replace Your A/C Thermostat

The thermostat is a feature that regulates temperature. It works by activating when the indoor temperature reaches a certain point determined by its settings. However, your thermostat may malfunction, hampering climate control in your home. As a result, you will experience much discomfort and also incur expensive repairs from possible secondary damage. Thus, it is wise to contact a handyman service technician for a prompt diagnosis as soon as you notice any of the indicators discussed below. They will examine the thermostat and fix the underlying issue for better temperature control.

No LED Display

If the thermostat's LED brightness is too low, the batteries powering it could be dead. Moreover, too much dirt in the thermostat may interfere with the display's connection, causing a blank display. A drain line clogged with mold and sludge can also cause the drip pan to fill to the brim, triggering the float switch. This results in the system and the display turning off to prevent more water from accumulating.

The Unit Runs Non-Stop

The thermostat could be defective if your system constantly runs without turning off. A unit running non-stop can be a result of faulty sensors failing to detect when it attains the desired temperatures. Additionally, if the actual temperature exceeds the set point, your appliance will not turn off when needed. A worn-out electrical relay may also prevent the thermostat from sending signals to the system. As a result, your unit will continue to run non-stop. Fortunately, an HVAC contractor will replace your thermostat for the right operation.

An Unresponsive Thermostat

You likely need to replace your thermostat if it fails to respond to temperature changes. This issue might arise if you place the thermostat in proximity to heat sources or spots with constant temperature fluctuations. Due to this positioning, your thermostat will likely detect the temperature of these specific spots rather than the room. As such, they fail to adjust as required.

Your unit will also likely not reach its target temperature if the set-point has a huge variance from the room temperature. Thus, you should engage a handyman service provider to position the thermostat in an area without significant temperature changes.

The System Won't Turn On

Whenever your system detects a power surge or short circuit, it trips the circuit breaker to ensure safety. As a result, a power disconnect ensures that no current flows within the unit, rendering the thermostat unresponsive. Furthermore, grime and corrosion may cause inconsistencies in temperatures and the thermostat settings. Over time, the thermostat may even malfunction and fail to communicate with other components effectively.

An aging or broken thermostat will interfere with the delivery of air in your home as desired. Accordingly, you should hire handyman services — such as Juan's Handyman Services to tune up your unit and ensure it offers top performance.