What A Roofing Contractor Looks For To Check If Your Asphalt Roof Is Ready For Solar Panels

If you're thinking about having solar panels installed on your asphalt shingle roof, one of the first things you'll need to do is have a roofing inspection. You don't want solar panels put on a roof that has damage or the panels may have to come back off to have roof repairs done later. It's best to get your roof in excellent shape first.

Here are some things your roofing contractor may look for when assessing your roof for solar panels.

Damage To Shingles 

If damage to shingles is in an isolated area, such as a corner of your roof where tree branches wore off granules and worked the shingles loose, then repairs might be possible. When your roof has many damaged shingles scattered over the roof, a roof replacement might be needed.

Lack Of Ventilation

Since an attic with poor ventilation heats up your roof and wears out shingles faster, the roofing contractor may check for signs of poor ventilation. This might show up as curled shingle edges or other types of damage.

If your roofer determines the ventilation is poor, they may have to add more attic ventilation or put a turbine vent on your roof in addition to replacing the shingles that are damaged due to excessive heat from the attic.

Age Of The Shingles

The age of your roof is important to consider too. If it's near time to replace the shingles, you may want to have a roof replacement done early so your roof is in sound shape for the solar panels. Your roofer may also check for premature aging caused by lack of maintenance, sun exposure, and storm damage.

If a roof replacement will probably be needed in a couple of years, it may be worth it to get a new roof ahead of time so the solar panels don't have to be taken off and put back on later.

Condition Of The Deck And Rafters

The roofing contractor will probably check the structure of the roof too. This includes the deck and rafters. If these parts have water damage, repairs should be completed before solar panels are installed.

If your roof has been leaking, there's a good chance the deck has water damage. Water damage makes wood weak, and it's important that the deck and rafters are dry and strong so they can support the weight of the panels and so your roof doesn't start to sag and affect how the panels are aligned to the sun.