What to Look at When Choosing Your Patio Rocks

Thinking of building a rock patio for your alfresco dining, relaxation, or entertainment? With the many different kinds of landscape rock options available on the market today, you may struggle to choose the right one for your patio construction needs. To determine which type of rock will suit your specific requirements, you should consider these important factors.

The Durability of the Rocks

While patio rocks are generally considered to be durable materials, different rock types weather at different rates. Weathering refers to the process of rocks naturally breaking down when they are exposed to certain climatic conditions. High temperatures, many freeze-and-thaw cycles, and heavy rainfall increase the rate of weathering in rocks.

When you are choosing rocks for your patio installation, think about your local climate. If you live in a hot climate zone, for instance, using rocks with a high heat resistance can ensure your patio lasts for many years to come. 

The Size of the Rocks

Yes, size matters when it comes to patio rocks. With rock size options ranging from pea-size to golf ball size, the right size of rock for your patio will not only depend on your personal taste but the project's functional requirements too.

For example, pea gravel is ideal for use in patios where kids and pets will play. The smaller-sized pea gravel improves traction on the patio, thus minimizing slipping and tripping hazards.

The Texture of the Rocks

For patio construction purposes, soft-textured rocks are generally favored over rocks with sharp edges due to safety reasons. Jagged rocks can cause skin-shredding injuries, so you should avoid using them to build your patio.

The Appearance of the Rocks

Patio rocks come in many earthy colors to suit the preferences of different homeowners. In determining which type of rock is right for your patio, think about the look you want for your patio. 

Are you looking to match or contrast the appearance of your home and the surrounding landscape? Regardless of your desired aesthetics, create a patio that does not detract from the look of the other elements in your yard but blends nicely with them.

Incorporating rocks into your patio design is a great way to create a stunning outdoor space that can serve multiple purposes. But, picking the right patio rocks is crucial to making your vision come to life. If you need help with making a well-informed choice, feel free to consult your local patio contractor.