Need A Commercial Washer And Dryer? Find An Electrical And Plumbing Company

If your commercial space needs to have a washer and dryer installed somewhere in the facility, or a sink and washing basin, find a professional that can do commercial electrical and plumbing work. You need someone that can hook up all the piping connections, gas lines and electrical wiring.

There are a few things you want to do before you install a commercial washer and dryer and figure out where it is going. Talk with a commercial handyman about these things.

Easiest Plumbing Location

The location of the plumbing and the cost of the labor and ease of installation can be determined by the current location of the existing plumbing. You will want to find an area where it's easy to connect to the water lines and waste lines.

The commercial plumbing professional will look at the current plumbing layout of the building and may need to look at the original blueprints, and then look at your spaces to determine where the best location will be.

Ventilation Needs

It may be easiest put the units on an exterior wall in case you have to cut into the wall for a ventilation outlet. This is something that will be assessed by someone who is familiar with a public building HVAC system. Having proper ventilation is especially important for the safety and preservation of the building.

Electrical Concerns

If there are no outlets on the walls where you want to put the units, work will have to be done. Talk with a commercial electrician about adding an outlet in the area, updating the wiring in that location, and the demand the new appliances will put on the breaker box and the electrical system. You don't want to have fuses blowing and other complications.

If the electrical box is outdated or the commercial electrician sees problems, you may want to update the unit for the safety of your business and the people inside of it. They can evaluate the electrical system and will have a list of changes and considerations.

If you have a need for a washing machine and a dryer at your business and you need to find an installation professional who can make the necessary electrical and plumbing changes, call a contractor that can do these things. Get two different estimates for the work that needs to be done, and pick energy-efficient appliances that will be cost-efficient for your business.