Requesting Wintertime Roof Repair Can Be A Smart Plan

The spring and summer seasons are much better for certain activities than others. Roof repair, however, is fine at any time of the year. Not every homeowner may see things this way. The assumption that roof work gets done best in the winter may is often rooted in a false premise. Since it is less likely to see roofers working on homes in the winter than the summer, people assume winter is a "bad" time for roof work. Such an assessment is not only untrue; it has the potential to be dangerous. Allowing roof repair work to wait until the winter passes could lead to the roof collapsing.

No Small Problem

"Small" leaks coming through the roof may not seem like an issue that necessitates calling in a roofer during cold, snowy weather. The homeowner who makes this snap assessment could live to regret it. Until a thorough inspection occurs, no one can determine the scope of the leak or its related damage. Although water may be coming through the ceiling now, the leak may have started months ago. As such, the rafters may suffer from significant rot. That rot could spread to the joists and more. As the wood rots, it weakens. Weakened beams and joists may not be able to hold up the roof, and it could collapse. And don't think the roof will wait for better weather to collapse. Structural weaknesses combined with the laws of physics, disregard weather conditions. The weather could make things even worse.

Snowfall and Added Weight

Winter brings with it snow, and snow accumulates on to of the roof. Sometimes, a lot of snow piles up. Hopefully, it won't pile up before the roof gets an urgent repair job done. Two or three feet of snow sprawled across a rooftop adds up to a lot of weight. A structurally-weakened roof may not be able to support the weight. It could collapse without warning.

Tragic Wintertime Irony

The irony here is a collapsed roof would need to be rebuilt immediately. So, putting off wintertime repair or replacement may force a homeowner to perform more extensive roof repair work during that same season.

Roofers and Winter Work

While working in cold weather isn't appealing, roofing professionals can often handle the job. Dressing appropriately for winter work might be the only change the roofers make to handle the task. 

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