Does Your Septic System Need Service?

Your home has a septic system, which involves a tank to safely dispose of waste along with septic lines to help transport unwanted debris away from your home. This system is integral to your home's operation and when the system shows signs of needing repairs, you need to act quickly. A cleaning and service specialist who works on septic systems will be able to assist you and give your septic system the care it needs to continue functioning as it should. Here are signs you have a problem with your sewage system.

Your tank needs cleaning

Do you remember the last time your home's septic tank was cleaned? Depending on how large your family is and how large a tank you have, you may need to get your system cleaned out more frequently than you'd think. The best way to find out if your septic system needs to be cleaned is to have the tank inspected by a specialist. If the unit is nearly full or full, your specialist will recommend draining the unit so it doesn't overflow.

Remember that an overflowing septic tank can cause a lot of damage. The sewage creeps into your drain field, which can destroy whole yards. The pressure of too much sewage in your tank's space can also cause backflow in your home's main lines, which leads to an overflowing toilet, clogged drains, and other unwanted problems.

Your home smells of sewage

You can start to smell raw sewage in your home, especially near open drains in the basement, near the washer and dryer, in the bathroom, or the kitchen areas, if your sewage system needs to be checked out. You will notice a sulfurous smell or something that smells of rotten eggs if this is a problem in your home. You may notice the odor is near-constant or comes and goes depending on when a load of laundry is done, the toilet is flushed, or other sewer line uses occur.

A septic system should always be attended to by a professional. When your sewer system is starting to show signs of wear, see your plumber or other sewage specialist for care and repair tips. Failure to address any type of septic issues in the home will usually lead to expensive repairs in the future and can expose your family to noxious fumes and waste. Your septic system service professional will give you a quote for services. Contact a company like LP Murray to learn more.