Three Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

Windows are one of the most important aspects of both the interior and the exterior of your home, as they play a major role not only in the aesthetic function of maintaining your interior design and curb appeal, but also perform a functional role by allowing air circulation and acting as an insulative barrier against the elements.

Damaged or worn out windows will be unable to perform well functionally and may also become an eyesore. Understanding the warning signs that your windows have reached the end of their lifespan can help you determine when you should get in touch with a contractor about installing new windows.

Physical Damage and Wear

The most obvious and easy to spot sign that your windows are overdue for a replacement is if you can spot any signs of damage or wear to the frame or the glass itself. Cracks and chips in the glass point to a weakened structure that makes a total break more likely in the future. Also, splinters, chips, warping, mold growth, and a whole host of other physical factors along the frames of your windows can point to potential openings where the weather could seep into your home and cause further damage.

Also, make sure that your window can open and close easily without having to be forced. Swelling and other damage can prevent your windows from operating properly and can also ruin the seal of the window against the outdoors.

Single Pane

If your windows are particularly old, it may be time for a replacement. Older windows commonly have only a single pane of glass, which greatly reduces their functional ability to keep out the exterior temperature. Replacing single pane windows with newer, more energy efficient double or even triple pane windows will help reduce your monthly energy bills, helping to pay against the initial cost of replacing your windows while also maintaining your interior comfort levels year-round. 


In a somewhat similar vein to the above point, if you have double- or triple-paned windows, but you've noticed that there has been a buildup of condensation or moisture between the panes, your current windows are likely too old or worn out to be properly functional anymore and should be replaced.

Condensation within the middle of panes of glass means that the vacuum seal of your window has been broken, which means that your windows are no longer able to properly insulate your home. Furthermore, the presence of moisture within your windows can cause all sorts of structural damage, warping, and degradation to your window frames, which can also ruin the seal and appearance of your windows.