Asphalt And Foam For Flat Roofing

Whenever you are going to finish a flat roof on a production home, you need to think about functionality more than anything else. That is, flat roofs are usually much less visible than pitched roofs. On top of this, a flat roof is more harshly exposed to moisture. Standing water is one of the biggest issues in climates the receive a lot of rain. 

This is why practical flat roof finishes are usually valued more than style. That is, it is unlikely that you will ever see a flat roof finished with Spanish tiles or slate shingles. On the other hand, asphalt and foam are two practical solutions for flat roofs. This article compares the main differences between asphalt and spray foam, as they relate to a flat roof.

Asphalt and Spray Foam on Flat Roofs

Asphalt roofs are definitely more common, and they've been around longer than spray foam. The asphalt is poured onto a roof is softer than that used on roads and parking lots. But, it is an extremely affordable solution for buildings with large roof surface area. Asphalt is a heavy duty and practical solution because it is waterproof and has no weak points. Spray foam is a little softer than asphalt, but it is safe and stable to walk on. It can be easily cleaned because of the emollient surface that does not absorb stains. It is also very easy to paint asphalt.

Color Makes a Difference

One of the biggest differences between asphalt and spray foam is the color. Asphalt is usually black, which means it isn't the most energy efficient choice for a hot and sunny climate. Since spray foam is white, it doesn't absorb too much heat. On top of this, the foam is thick, so it insulates very efficiently in any climate.

Installing the Products

The application of an asphalt roof is much easier than spray foam because it doesn't require any complicated machinery. Spray foam has to be installed using a large compressor system. So, professionals will either use a crane to get the machine on top of your roof, or they will simply use long, industrial hoses to spray all the way from the ground. But, this doesn't mean that spray foam is more expensive than asphalt, it just means that it isn't a practical DIY job for most.

Spray foam and asphalt can both be very durable solutions for any building with a flat roof. For more information, contact your local production homes service.