Three Excellent Qualities Of Aluminum Docks

When you think "aluminum docks," you probably envision a very industrial-looking dock. Hammered aluminum and extruded aluminum piping may not sound very pretty, but there are some excellent qualities in aluminum docking. Here are just a few of the best qualities of this type of docking material.


Do you dread dragging your dock out of the water every winter? Most other docks are extremely heavy and require extra help to beach. Aluminum docks, however, are lightweight and are easily lifted up and out of the water. You can even wrap a J-hook and line around the side rails and hoist them out with just your truck's raw power. In the spring, just give the dock a shove off the bank and it is back in the water in seconds.

Easy to Repair

If you accidentally hit the dock with your boat (or someone else does!), then you can just take a hammer and hammer out the dents in the dock. If the damage is more severe, you may need to replace a rail or call a welder. Usually, the damage is never that bad because, despite its lightweight construction, it is very strong. (You would have to ram your boat against this dock at a very high speed to do irreparable damage.)

No Rust

People think that because an aluminum dock is made of metal, it will rust and become an utter mess within a few years. That is simply not so. Aluminum can neither rust nor corrode, which makes it the ideal metal in a river or lake. Regardless of how much rain and river/lake water touches the aluminum dock, it will maintain its patina indefinitely. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can always order your aluminum dock with a waterproof sealant as well.

Lots of Different Styles and Designs

If you are ready to order your very first aluminum dock system, you can call and talk to a representative. Basic docks are "pull alongside" docks, with fancier docks providing stalls for several more watercraft (if applicable). You can also dock your jet skis, canoe, paddle boat, kayak, etc.. Some kits for aluminum docking are colored or painted, usually white and green, but special colors may be available upon request. While you are at it, do not forget to order bridges and/or gang planks, especially if you are going to extend your dock out into the water.