Should You Paint With A Spray Gun?

Repainting your home is usually a very smart investment. Not only does faded paint age your building and make it look less stylish, it can also compromise the waterproof seal on your walls. This is particularly problematic if you have wooden exterior walls because the paint serves as a vital protective layer for the wood grains. Many people choose to repaint their exterior walls because they are one of the few DIY projects that can't be done without hiring professional contractors. There are a few different ways to paint exterior walls. This article explains different methods so you can choose which is best for your property.

Spray Guns

Using an HVLP spray gun is usually the best way to paint exterior surfaces. Spray guns are particularly useful if you have walls with rough texture. Francis, stucco and rough hewn wood are much easier to paint with a gun. And it helps you get coverage within all the nooks and crannies, where you would otherwise have problems using paint rollers. Basically, with a spray gun, you are more likely to get complete coverage on the first coat.

When it comes to using a spray gun, getting paint onto the walls goes very quickly, but you need to spend more time on the prep work. Most importantly, you need to protect from overspray by generously masking off the ground, windows, doors and anything else that you don't want to get paint on. The more thorough you are with masking off your exterior, the more quickly you will be able to spray the walls.

Rollers and Brushes

Using traditional paint rollers and brushes is the other most common method. As mentioned, actually getting the paint onto your walls will take longer if you are just using rollers. However, you can paint your walls quickly if you have several people painting at once. Of course, when you are using a spray gun, only one person can be painting at any given time. Usually, if you have three or more people painting, the process goes quicker. Additionally, you don't need to spend as much time or money on masking materials.

In the end, you should make your decision based on what supplies you have readily available and how many helpers you have for the job. If you are doing it with limited laborers, you will definitely want to use a spray gun. However, if you have a bunch of friends and family willing to help, paint rollers might be the quickest.