Understanding The Unique Needs Of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Understanding the way that the needs of a commercial air conditioning system are different from residential units is vital for keeping your enterprise cool while avoiding unnecessary repair costs. To help your air conditioning system meet the needs of your business's building, you might want to be aware of a few tips.

Regularly Check The Unit's Drainage System

An air conditioning system will generate condensation. For large commercial systems, the amount of condensation that is produced can be rather large. In order to drain this moisture away from the air conditioning system, these units will utilize complex drainage systems. Unfortunately, these systems become blocked, which can lead to the unit flooding. If the air conditioning system is on the roof of your building, this can lead to water damage on the interior of the building. Every few weeks, a visual inspection of the drainage system should be performed. Some of these systems will have an opening for you to pour water into them to test that it can drain out of the system.

Opt For Renewable Power Systems

The air conditioning system that will be required to cool a large commercial building will likely be extremely large and have intense energy requirements. This can lead to extremely high energy costs during the hotter months of the year. Unfortunately, you may find that these expenses can severely lower your business's overall profitability. However, you may find that you have no choice but to use the air conditioning system during the entire time your enterprise is open. Depending on the design of your building, you might be able to install solar panels to help reduce the energy expenses of running these systems.

Consider Increasing The Filtration

In addition to needing to cool the large interior space of your building, these systems will also be responsible for removing the particulate matter from the air. Due to the large size of these buildings and the heavy traffic that they will experience, you may find that the standard filtration system for your air conditioner is not sufficient for your needs. Luckily, you can install a supplementary filtration system. These systems will process the air just before it enters the ducting for your building. By combining these supplementary filtration systems with your units standard air filters can remove the vast majority of allergens and pollutants from your interior air. Considering the fact that this can greatly improve the comfort of the patrons visiting your business and the employees working for you, it can be worth the costs of making this upgrade. Check with a company like Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc. for more information.