Remodeling Ideas For A Basement Bathroom

If you have a simple bathroom in your basement, you may be wondering how you can give it a more comfortable, beautiful look. Use this guide to inspire your basement remodeling project, and work with your contractor to come up with the plan that works best for your space.

Create A Shower Room

Wall space is limited in smaller basement bathrooms, and that means that you might not have room for a shower with double-glass doors. However, you can overcome this problem by adding drywall surrounding the shower, leaving a space open for a smaller door. The new walls create a separate shower room, and they make it easier to place your vanity or toilet in a way that makes sense without leaving the room feeling cramped. Be sure to install recessed lighting in the ceiling to allow for visibility when you use the shower.

Install Wainscotting

One challenge with making basement bathrooms look great is that there isn't a lot of room for decorating. However, the addition of wainscoting at the bottom of the walls, or even at the top, creates a unique look without taking up any extra space in the room. Consider crisp white or light cream for the wainscoting, and paint the rest of the walls in a contrasting color to make this project really look great in your basement bathroom.

Add A Unique Door

Give a smaller basement bathroom a grand entryway with the addition of a unique door. A French door with frosted glass panes adds an upscale feel to the space, while a sliding barn door offers a more rustic look. Visit a local home improvement store and look at the different types of doors available, and use them as inspiration. Remember that you don't have to stick to a regular wood door with a traditional handset. If space doesn't allow for a new door, consider adding a new curved handset and painting the door to give it a new appearance. If the basement bathroom is part of a larger bathroom suite, you can even consider skipping the door completely. If you do opt to go door-free, be sure that you build a separate toilet room within the bathroom. This provides a bit of added privacy.

List out the ideas you want to put in place in your new basement bathroom, and review them with your general contractor company, such as AKM Building Systems Inc, to ensure you can make each idea a reality.