How To Build A Cabin Out Of Recycled Materials

A unique and creative cabin can be built out of recycled materials and placed in many urban or suburban locations. Recycled materials are economical and many are sturdy enough to be used as a basis for a functioning cabin. You can build a cabin out of recycled materials yourself, or you can hire someone from a place like Alaskan Barns to help you with the building construction. Here are some recycled items that can be used as a basic structure to build a unique cabin:

Semi-Trailer Cabin:  A semi-trailer can be converted into a livable cabin when placed on a piece of land. Semi-trailers are often sold inexpensively when they are no longer used to carry goods. The interior of the semi-trailer can be lined with 2" x 4" wood studs on the floor, walls, and ceiling. Fiberglass insulation can be installed between the studs and plywood can be used to cover each surface. A hardwood floor and ceiling can be built inside of the semi-trailer. Windows can be cut into the semi-trailer and finished as the standard windows of any residence. A reinforced door can be constructed on one of the long sides with an optional porch on the exterior. The exterior of the semi-trailer cabin can be finished with wood siding and stained for a rustic look.

School Bus Cabin:  A school bus can also be used as a basic structure for a cabin. The school bus can be parked on your property and the passenger bus seats removed. The interior of the school bus can be lined with 2" x 4" wood studs, fiberglass insulation, wood floors and wood paneling. Many of the school bus windows can be boarded up, sealed, and waterproofed while keeping a few windows for air circulation. The school bus door opening can be utilized as a cabin door when reinforced with a standard wood or steel door. The school bus engine can be removed and the interior of the engine compartment can be reinforced, lined with wood, and finished as an exterior storage compartment.

Shipping Container Cabin:  You can use one or more steel shipping containers as basic framing structures to build an unconventional cabin. Shipping containers can be placed adjacent to each other or placed at angles to create different rooms for this cabin. These rooms can be installed at different heights and doorways and interior stair steps can be installed between the rooms for access. When placing shipping containers together, you can use the exterior hooks and metal framework to bolt them together. The interiors can be reinforced, insulated and finished as the semi-trailer cabin and the school bus cabin. For adequate weatherproofing, these shipping containers should be insulated and finish on the exterior with standard wood siding.

With the help of a general contractor, each of these recycled items can be used to build a unique and creative custom cabin. Plumbing pipes can be included in each of these cabins and connected to an available water supply and waste disposal system. Electrical connections can also be installed and connected to a stand-alone generator or a city or county electrical service. A general contractor has the experience and expertise to advise you of the best way to build your cabin. With a bit of creativity and a general contractor, you can live in an unusual cabin that can be a source of continual inspiration to your guests and neighbors.